Siklóernyő - Airborne Siklóernyő - Airborne

Swing Apus RS and RS Hike

Swing Apus RS and RS Hike
Siklóernyő - AirborneSiklóernyő - AirborneSiklóernyő - Airborne


The APUS RS is an all-terrain miniwing and the universal tool for guaranteed fun for practically any occasion.

Depending on the version (APUS RS or APUS RS Hike), it has a number of uses ranging from soaring in strong winds to dynamic flying at your local site, right through to Hike & Fly tours. What’s more, it will fit perfectly in your luggage thanks to its packed size and light weight.
This means the APUS RS is intended for all paraglider pilots and keen miniwing pilots, for whom the desire for adventure and a passion for flying have top priority.

The APUS RS is available in standard and hike versions. The design of the hike version has been weight-optimised even further. The APUS RS Hike uses a 27g material throughout for the top and bottom surfaces, instead of the combination of 41 and 34g paraglider fabric. Furthermore, extremely lightweight Dyneema risers with soft links are used rather than conventional risers. The 27g fabric has limited availability, so the APUS RS Hike is available only in the red/blue colour combination. Special colours can be ordered only for the standard version.

Flight behaviour

Depending on the wing loading, its flight behaviour ranges from standard to dynamically direct (refer to the Versatility chart). At the same time, the balanced handling and pleasant roll damping impart a pleasant and familiar feeling during flight with exceptional performance.

Special features

The innovative RAST concept has also proved itself in this category of glider. The delayed filling behaviour ensures that the inflation phase is easy to control and it minimises any tendency to launch the pilot unintentionally, particularly in very steep terrain or in strong winds Once in the air, RAST ensures less canopy movement in turbulent air as well as an above-average resistance to collapse, which has a positive effect on performance.




Apus RS

  14 16 18

Glider weight (kg)

APUS RS / Hike

3,14 / 2,60 3,50 / 2,85 3,74 / 2,99

CEN homologation

Take off weight (kg) min./max. inkl. Equipment 55-90 55-100 55-70 (EN B)
70-110 (EN C)


34 34 34

Wing area (m²)

16 18 20

Wing area projected (m²)

13,87 15,60 17,34

Wing span (m)

8,94 9,48 10

Projected wing span (m)

7,26 7,7 8,11

Aspect ratio

5 5


Projected aspect ratio

3,8 3,8 3,8


Swing Apus RS 14
Ár: 1.890 Euro
Szállítás: 1-3 hét
Swing Apus RS 16
Ár: 1.890 Euro
Szállítás: 1-3 hét
Swing Apus RS 18
Ár: 1.890 Euro
Szállítás: 1-3 hét
Swing Apus RS Hike 14
Ár: 2.100 Euro
Szállítás: 1-3 hét
Swing Apus RS Hike 16
Ár: 2.100 Euro
Szállítás: 1-3 hét
Swing Apus RS Hike 18
Ár: 2.100 Euro
Szállítás: 1-3 hét
Swing Apus RS Hike 20
Ár: 2.350 Euro
Szállítás: 1-3 hét
Swing Apus RS Hike 23
Ár: 2.350 Euro
Szállítás: 1-3 hét
Rendelés esetén kérünk hív bennünket a 0036209346693 számon vagy írj a címre.


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