Siklóernyő - Airborne Siklóernyő - Airborne

AD Susi 4

Another crazy early morning alarm bell. Bright light in from behind the curtains. Time to wake up again, but… hey! Today is holiday! Today I’m going out!
AD Susi 4
Siklóernyő - AirborneSiklóernyő - Airborne

Going out, where I love the most being, out in the skies over snowcaped mountains. I love it. I love it when he’s taking me there!
– Wake up, little SuSi, he’s telling me, today is the big day. Today is SuSi day, you’ll meet lots of sisters up on the peaks!
Funny coincidence: the radio is playing this cover from Siouxsie & The Banshees – The Passenger I take it as a sign for another great journey with my beloved Passenger!


Well, what shall I report about the hiking and the flying… you already know well about it. Just enjoy the nature and enjoy your flight! That’s my style. When we meet with other couples at the parking lot before the hike, I’m surprised that I have quite some bigger and smaller sisters. And climbing up in the forest, then the fields, this bit of cliffs, we all exchange about life, nature, gliding, thermalling, competitions, speeding, all the fun we have.
And true, sometimes couples can be odd: this light casual pilot with a larger sister, this sporty shapy (mmmmh) pilot with my tiny sister… all sharing a same, same but different fun at the same time, in the same place. Louise just got her licence last month. Flying with SuSi A. Johnny (aaaah, Johnny), the himalayan survival guy, top fit, flying tiny SuSi D. All these other friends enjoying also SuSi B like me, and SuSi C of course.

Time to fly now. Let me enjoy it and I call you later!
The sun sets and turns into shades of orange and finally red. What a cliché, but I love it every time! One last SuSi sister is landing with her passenger. Ron and SuSi B just come back flying a nice triangle cross country style into the flats and back. The smile on Ron’s face reminds everybody else what this simple but amazing day brought us. We all love it, and I love my Passenger!

SUper SImple fun from A to D


How to describe SuSi 4…


…in one word?

…in one image?
All these SuSi passengers being so different and sharing the same fun.

…in one dream?
Taking my passenger on a bike world tour, flying high, mountains, dune soaring, XC and so much more.



Speed Chart (Trimspeed)




AD Susi 4
Ár: 2.490 Euro
Szállítás: 1-3hét
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