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Swing Connect Race

Swing Connect Race

The Swing brand has been synonymous with expertise in paraglider manufacture for more than 20 years. Swing has been making harnesses in collaboration with Woody Valley for over ten years. Our harnesses are designed exactly in accordance with our requirements and specifications and are produced using Woody Valley's knowhow. Therefore, with only 3 harnesses, we have been able to gain a significant market share in this segment. The best example is the Connect Reverse, which is regarded as a milestone in convertible harnesses. Swing is now adding to its range and, with the Connect Race, is releasing a pod harness.

The Connect Race is an innovative, aerodynamic and very practical XC and competition harness, which will impress you with the special level of comfort it offers. It was developed in close collaboration with cross-country expert Daniel Tyrkas. As repeat German cross-country champion, he knows exactly what is important. Naturally the Connect Race has LTF certification, making it the ideal harness for long cross-country flights and competitions. Take a look at the following features.

Aerodynamics and features

  • aerodynamic back lining, which attaches directly to second front reserve with integrated cockpit the pilot's back / shoulders
  • integrated removable cockpit with neoprene instrument cover
  • cockpit with spoiler for improved aerodynamics
  • space for 5 litres of ballast under the seat board
  • space for 5 litres of ballast in the cockpit
  • provision for a 3 litre hydration system from Deuter
  • fitted ergonomic seat gives good contact and system (size L) feeling for the glider
  • two large side pockets and also a smaller pocket carbon-seat board for radio or camera
  • soft Velcro on the shoulder straps for small material instruments
  • provision for hand warmer system
  • speed bag with outlet for water ballast / urine tube
  • speed bag with smart attachment points to relieve

Practicalities and comfort

  • speed bag, adjustable length and angle
  • smooth acceleration system
  • comfortable, ergonomic back section with mesh LTF-certification with 12cm foam-protector insert for improved ventilation
  • adjustable chest-shoulder straps and back support with markings to show recommended standard pilot position
  • easy access, neat closure with magnet catch

Optional accessories

  • integrated second reserve container for cockpit
  • Deuter hydration system
  • ratchet pulleys to reduce speed bar pressure can be mounted
  • quick-out carabiner can be mounted

Materials and specifications

  • weight: 5.5 kg, including carabiners and speed system (size L)
  • strong yet light materials
  • carbon-seat board
  • sleek speed bag made from insulating softshell material
  • light-weight, practical buckles
  • carabiner-seat distance M 44.5cm, L 47cm, XL 49.5cm

Safety and certification

  • provision for second integrated reserve in cockpit easy-to-operate, neat and safe Get Up closure system (cockpit cannot be closed without chest and leg strap)
  • LTF-certification with 12cm foam-protector
  • optional side protection


Swing Connect Race
Ár: 950 Euro
Szállítás: 1-3 hét
Rendelés esetén kérünk hív bennünket a 0036209346693 számon vagy írj a címre.


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