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SupAir Altirando Light

Lightness, comfort, passive safety & pre-inflated airbag
SupAir Altirando Light
Siklóernyő - AirborneSiklóernyő - Airborne

The ALTIRANDO LITE is a reversible, comfortable and light harness . It meets the expectations of pilots who like to walk & flight and travel. It is also very suitable for on-site flights with light equipment. With its pre-inflated airbag, it has all the advantages of a harness with effective passive safety from take-off.

Weight: 2920 g in size M


The ALTIRANDO LITE is a harness combining robustness and lightness thanks to a choice of robust and light materials as well as a simplified and optimised design . A reversible harness and flight designed for walking with an accessorized Backpack and for flight with a new design to increase the pleasure of flight. The ideal tool for travelling light and well equipped.

It has a new airbag that is preformed right out of the Backpack thanks to the Nitinol roll bar. This airbag is effective from take-off. The ALTIRANDO LITE has a very satisfactory performance in impact tests. The volume of Backpack has been reworked in comparison to the ALTIRANDO 3, making it more compact and adaptable to the light gliders on the market.

The ALTIRANDO LITE has a hybrid frame with the advantages of a harness and legstraps for a pleasant, easy and safe ride and on-flight behaviour. The harness is closed by two frame/passenger loops: simple, fast and safe.

On-flight behaviour of a harness , with a high level of passive safety. The seated passage is easy and intuitive. The whole harness is stable without completely restricting the glider. The accelerator is easy to use thanks to the adapted placement of the pulleys.

  S M L XL
Pilot height (cm) 155 /175 170/185 180-195 190/205
Pilot weight (min - max) (kg) 60 - 80 65-85 70-100 90-120
Weight of the harness (complete as delivered) (g) 2750 2920 3060 3260
A - Back height (cm) 62 65 71 75
B - Height of the backrest tilt adjustment (cm) 31 34 38 40
C - Seat depth (cm) 44 46 48 50
D - Seat width (cm) 37 39 41 43
E - Height of attachment points (cm) 43 45 45 48
F - Distance between attachment points (cm) 36-44 37-45 38-48 40-50


SupAir Altirando Light
Ár: 920 Euro
Szállítás: 1-5 hét
Rendelés esetén kérünk hív bennünket a 0036209346693 számon vagy írj a címre.


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