Siklóernyő - Airborne Siklóernyő - Airborne

AirDesign The new UFO

The new UFO – #haveyouseenit

They were returning home. What they had seen had astonished them so much, they were keeping quiet. One of them ended up breaking the silence.
– “What are we going to say?”
– “The truth” his fellow replied.
AirDesign  The new UFO
Siklóernyő - AirborneSiklóernyő - AirborneSiklóernyő - Airborne

The new UFO – Beam me up!


They went back to their thoughts. The spaceship was sailing on autopilot, they could rewind the scene and reflect on the impact of their discovery.
Alf was worried. How would the Council react? He could already imagine himself overwhelmed by questions: “Have you seen it?” “Is that true that They made our design even better?” and so on…


That wouldn’t be easy. Especially with the old Stachys. The General was against this mission since the beginning and now they were coming back with such news.

On the other hand, Gordon was kind of excited. What an adventure! After such a long time, they would be acclaimed like heroes. He could perfectly remember the kid playing in the wind. “I’d teach my son on this thing back home!”. He would have to be careful to hide his enthusiasm. But still! What a toy! And he couldn’t help but love the name They had chosen: The UFO, the “Ultralight Flying Object” and their quirky logo as well. “These Humans are really funny” he thought while they could finally catch sight of their planet.

The new UFO – Break your own rules!

How to describe the new UFO…


…in one word?

…in one image?
Magnetic attraction! On a take-off people can’t help to touch or inflate it. They are like mesmerized.

…in one dream?
Alone on a remote peak… in a galaxy far, far away…



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Ár: 2.290 Euro
Szállítás: 1-3 hét
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