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AD AirPack 50/50

AD AirPack 50/50
Siklóernyő - Airborne

The AirPack 50/50 is not jealous! It will accept a wing from another brand, as soon as the latter does not have long plastic rods that could be deformed! To find the correct AirPack size for your gear, take the length of the AirPack, double it, and compare with the maximum chord length of your glider, with a tolerance of +/-15cm. For instance: The maximum chord of your glider is 2.85m, you need the AirPack M (135 × 2 = 270, with 15cm of tolerance it’s fine!).


Folding the wing in the AirPack 50/50:
There are two methods available to you.
The one in the video you can find on our Youtube Channel:
Fold your glider’s leading edge like an accordion, attach the leading edge via the strap. Continue by folding the trailing edge like an accordion, from the center.
Then fold the wing in half so that it is the length of the AirPack.
Close the zipper, fold in the middle and close the two straps.
The method, two sausages folded over one another:
Fold your half-wing into an accordion, put the rods on top of each other, and do the same on the other side, you get two “sausages”.
Fold one sausage over the other, being careful to keep the rods well arranged.
Fold the fender in half to fit the length of the AirPack.
Put the wing in the AirPack, close the zipper fold in the middle and close the two straps.

Weight / Length
XS: 200 g / 105 cm
S: 225 g / 125 cm
M: 250 g / 135 cm


AD AirPack 50/50
Ár: 45 Euro
Szállítás: 1-3hét
Rendelés esetén kérünk hív bennünket a 0036209346693 számon vagy írj a címre.


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