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Air Design Volt 2 XS Super Light

Air Design  Volt 2 XS Super Light
Siklóernyő - AirborneSiklóernyő - Airborne

Pilot Profile


VOLT2 Superlight constructed for XC fanatics, Vol Bivouac enthusiasts and all pilots who refuse to carry heavy equipment!

The VOLT2 SL - just like it's predecessor; is an impressive climber that provides solid feedback, balanced with flying characteristics that highlight our renowned comfort-in-flight feel.

Following the design philosophy of all Superlight models, the VOLT2 SL is manufactured with the Porcher Skytex 27 double-coated cloth for the bottom-sail, ribs and part of the top-sail.

Risers are robust and support the fast sorting of lines. Maillons are provided as a factory standard.

Due to the reduced weight of the canopy, the glider inflates without effort. This feature is an important benefit for high alpine launches so you can avoid the tricky moments normally experienced with getting airborne at altitude.

In comparison to the standard variant that many refer to as ‘rock solid’, pilots will notice a softer and more direct feel. This helps to sniff thermals, and provides even better climbing abilities.

VOLT2. Achieve your true potential.


Design Goals

VOLT2 - 3d.png

Featuring a completely new construction, yet following the virtues of its predecessor, the VOLT2 showcases far greater performance whilst demonstrating well-balanced flying characteristics and behaviour.

The original VOLT stood out from the crowd as a great performing classic EN-C. It was an impressive climber that provided solid feedback, balanced with flying characteristics that highlighted our renowned comfort-in-flight feel that many refer to as ‘rock solid’. The main objective that we have achieved with the VOLT2 was not to position this glider within the outer limits of the EN-C category from a handling and comfort perspective, but to offer outstanding outer limit performance.

Glider Characteristics


Launching In flight, you’ll be highly impressed with the VOLT2’s agility and responsive nature. Turning is sharper with direct feel, ensuring that turning into thermals provides the pilot with perfect feedback from the canopy – allowing you to feel more connected to accurate coring. Stability has been increased by the implementation of a prominent shark-nose.

Design Details


New Geometry
The VOLT2 features race lines, highlighting a completely new line-geometry that provides a line reduction. On each line level there are now just 2 main-lines (2A, 2B, 2C), which reduces the total line length (29m/10% @size M), reduces drag, and greatly improves performance.

Outstanding Performance
Our newly designed airfoil is one of the key elements to the VOLT2’s class leading performance. The glider remains extremely balanced in moving air and demonstrates improved climbing characteristics, especially in headwind tasks. These efficiencies mean you’ll be delighted to be arriving at your destination faster and higher than ever before.

The VOLT2’s riser system has been developed specifically to provide best performance under acceleration, and features ergonomic rear riser steering loops. Bar pressure has been reduced, and you will immediately recognise that bar travel in its entirety provides usable speed without the ever present threat of dropping off. 




As you can expect, the VOLT2 places check marks all of the boxes with regard to cutting edge design technology:


•    Shark-Nose
•    VORTEX HOLES® at the tips and outside cell trailing edges work to diffuse vortex drag by releasing reDSC_2896.jpgdundant pressure, which is further improving performance.
•    Nose-Wires are polyamide rods in the leading edge keep the profile in perfect shape and improve stability and launch characteristics.
•    Double 3D-Cut upper sail and 3D-Cut lower sail
•    Razor-Edge L/E - A specially designed trailing edge which optimises the profile and reduces drag.
•    Cross-Straps
•    Mini-Ribs, in the trailing edge improve surface finish and reduce drag.
•    Ingenious Rib and V-Rib-System
•    Ultra-new line geometry and line reduction




AREA FLAT (m²) 21,20 23,07 24,79 26,39
AREA PROJECTED (m²) 17,95 19,53 21,00 22,35
SPAN FLAT (m) 11,46 11,96 12,40 12,79
SPAN PROJECTED (m) 8,93 9,31 9,65 9,96
ASPECT RATIO FLAT 6,2 6,2 6,2 6,2
ASPECT RATIO PROJ. 4,44 4,44 4,44 4,44
CELLS 59 59 59 59
TOTAL LINE LENGTH 243 253 262 271
TOTAL LINES 174 174 174 174
LINE DIAMETERS 0.7/0.8/0,9/1,1/1,3/1,5/1,7
WEIGHT (kg) 3,6 3,8 4,0 4,2
V-TRIM/V-MAX (km/h) 37/55 37/55 37/55 37/55
TAKE OFF WEIGHT (kg) 60-75 70-85 80-95 85-105


Air Design Volt2 SL XS
Ár: 2.850 Euro
Szállítás: 1-3 hét
Air Design Volt2 SL S
Ár: 2.850 Euro
Szállítás: 1-3 hét
Air Design Volt2 SL SM
Ár: 2.850 Euro
Szállítás: 1-3 hét
Air Design Volt2 SL M
Ár: 2.850 Euro
Szállítás: 1-3 hét
Air Design Volt2 SL L
Ár: 2.850 Euro
Szállítás: 1-3 hét
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Swing Nexus
2.690 Euro